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Apostles of the Old Apostolic Church (South Africa)

This is a list of the Apostelate of the Old Apostolic Church (South Africa).  No foreign Apostles is included in this list.  This list may contain some errors, as it is the first attempt to make public such a list.  Any errors in the facts below can be reported to me via e-mail.

If anyone can supply me with photos, please contact me.

Responsibility Apostle Ordination Date/Retirement Date Succeeded by
Western Cape
Afrikaans and English Congregations Apostle MJ Van Tonder Ordained in 2003

Coloured Congregations Apostle C. Gerbach Ordained in 1996

Coloured Congregations Apostle Samuels Ordained in 2009

Coloured Congregations Apostle P. Swartz Ordained in 1994
Retired in 2009
Retired – Succeeded by Apostle Samuels
Eastern Cape
Afrikaans and English Congregations Apostle Foreman Ordained in 2007

Black Congregations Apostle Kofi Ordained in 2009

Coloured Concentrations Apostle Smit Ordained in 2007

Black Congregations Apostle EZ Matho Ordained in 1998 Retired – Succeeded by Apostle Smit
Black Congregations Apostle GT Mka Ordained in 1986 Retired – Succeeded by Apostle Matho
Afrikaans and English Congregations Apostle CJP Brandt (1988-2007) Ordained in 1988
Retired in 2007
Retired – Succeeded by Apostle Foreman
Northern District (North Gauteng/Mphumalanga/Limpopo/ Eastern part of North-West Province)
Afrikaans and English Congregations Apostle Robus Ordained in 2010

Black congregations Apostle NV. Modise Ordained in 1996

Afrikaans and English Congregations Apostle LP Matthysen Ordained in1986
Retired in 2009
Retired – Succeeded by Apostle Vermaak in 2009-2010 (temporary) and later Apostle Robus
Afrikaans and English Congregations Apostle WJH Scholtz Ordained in 2001

Afrikaans and English Congregations Apostle DB Nieuwenhuizen Ordained in 1988

Black Congregations Apostle SJ Nkosi Ordained in 1989

Black Congregations Apostle L Siqenu Ordained in 2002

Afrikaans and English Congregations Apostle GJJ Boshoff Ordained in 1981 as Apostle for Kwazulu-Natal. In 1983 became Apostle for Transvaal. Moved back again in 2001 to Kwazulu-Natal as Apostle. Retired in 2003 Retired in 2003 Succeeded by Apostle Vermaak.
Free-State and Northern Cape
Afrikaans and English Congregations Apostle DJ La Cock Ordained in 1986

Black Congregations Apostle SM Nong Ordained in 1981

Afrikaans and English Congregations Apostle Vermaak Ordained in 2003 After the retirement of Apostle LP Matthysen in 2009, Apostle Vermaak became the caretaker for the Afrikaans and English congregations in the Northern Districts until December 2010 where Apostle Robus was appointed as the successor of Apostle Matthysen
Black Congregations Apostle AA Nembula Ordained in 2002

Black Congregations Apostle AS Duma Ordained in 1989 Retired in 2002. Succeeded by Apostle AA Nembula

The racial breakdown is as follows:

European (White):  10
Coloured                4
Black                      9


Afrikaans and English congregations are not exclusively white.  These congregations do have black and coloured congregants and ministers.  In the Western Cape and Eastern Cape it is known that coloured high officers (Overseers) serve under the Afrikaans/English Apostles.

In exclusively black and coloured areas such as Soweto and the Cape Flats persons from within that race groups is appointed as ministers. 

The information in this blog article might not be corect.  I acknowledge that there could be mistakes.  Please feel free to contact me at internetheretic@gmail.com

I would like to confirm the following information:
The death of Apostle Nkosi. (Gauteng)
The ordination date of Apostle Kofi (Eastern Cape)
The ordination dates and name of the Apostle for Swaziland.
The ordination dates and names for current Apostles in the Free State.


  1. there is an Apostle that ordained last year from black community Eastern Cape you should found out more about it

    1. Qosha,,,that is apostle Slara, he ws ordained December 2012

  2. It is Apostle Slara

  3. What happened to apostle no si (gauteng)

  4. Apostle Nkosi apparently had a headache and died.
    It is alleged that a week before he died, he called a meeting with his officers and told them he is dying soon and none of them will succeed him and they will be led by a white Apostle. Currently all his congregations are led by a white Apostle. He was 61 years old when he died.

    1. not all of them some is Apostle Sigenu

    2. Aoostle EZ Matho was succeeded by Apostle Slara in the Eastern Cape

  5. Isn't Apostle Matho Succeeded by Apostle Slara? when I was in Eastern Cape, Cathcart, he was the one who handle the service. Haven't heard of Apostle Smit. I'm from Cape Town, Nyanga Congregation, under, U/D Ngqaqu, Priest Machona, Elder Gxalaba Overseer Gquma.; Apostle Samuels

  6. Free State : Apostles W van Wyk and T Nong ordained in January 2011 replacing Apostles D La Cock and SM Nong respectively.

  7. How is a Apostle selected,or who choose them

    1. none of ur tuck shop, seriously!

    2. To be an Apostle, you must be related to the current Apostle, be a child to an apostle, or marry the Apostle's daughter, generally, be a next of kin.
      In the past dreams and visions were used, nowadays, being an Apostle is a career and inheritance. To ensure the generations of the current Apostle never suffer financially.

    3. Apostle Vermaak,Robus,Mtembu,Nembula Scholtz to name a few has no family presiding them as Apostles or married Apostle daughters Please check your facts

    4. jesus was born in the family of David,if my father is a prist,then his son will be a prist as it is written in the bibele

    5. To become an Apostle still comes through visions and dreams. It is not a career and one does not become an Apostle when related to a previous Apostle. It is outrages to think like that. It is not a mob.

  8. Who select, or choose an Apostle.

    1. Is brothers and sisters real owners of the church .You must beak the bread and participate in the services of the church

  9. Hi,there l,m still waiting for ur answer l am a brother in this church,my father,grandfather told me its a vision sees by the community,just curious?

    1. Yes it is through visions and dreams from fellow Brothers and Sisters

  10. In the Northen district they didn't mention the late Postle Mahlangu who was suceeded by Postle NV Modise. black congregation. brother Goodman Nkosi Para

  11. An Apostle is born out of the congregation (the same as all the other officers). This can happen through a dream or vision

    1. 2 answers please make is simple and from scripture.

      1) Whom ordained Saul as Paul the apostle ?

      2) Where did Jesus declare himself as a apostle ?
      "I dont want the quotation or answer Heb 3v1, as it was written by Saul, some 25+ years AFTER the death of Jesus whom never know Jesus in flesh."

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. it is not actually areply i would like to know the apostle who took over from apostle Ndlovu when he was removed from the office

  13. I would like to know the name of the apostle who took over from apostle Ndlovu after he was removed from the office

  14. The meaning of the term “apostle” comes from its root verb “send” (apostello). Its basic meaning is an agent or an ambassador, who, within the limits of his assignment, had the same authority as the one who sent him. The apostle was legally identical to his master. He had the power of attorney and “apostle” accurately describes the office Jesus held and his relationship to God.
    A man’s agent is like the man himself, not physically, but legally. As apostle or agent Jesus was sent with the full authority of the one who sent him. Jesus said that the one who received his own apostles whom he had sent received Jesus himself, and not only Jesus, the One who had sent him (Mt 10:40-42; Jn 13:20). The NT apostles were apostles of Jesus, and Jesus was an apostle of God. It is in this context that Jesus could say both, “He who has seen me has seen the Father” (Jn 14:9), and without contradiction, “The Father is greater than I” (Jn 14:28). In character and authority he could be seen as identical with the Father, but in all other ways the Father was greater

  15. Thank you Tebogo

    Very cleverly said and quoted just a as a true oac member or officer would and should do. Its for the absolute clarification of the 'only' way to salvation for the sinful soul of mortal man to be united and to enter into the everlasting heaven and peace unto eternity.
    (Please note I quote my own words out of memory) So let me ask why did Jesus say "I am son of God and so are you" why did he then say "The works I do you can do also, and even greater works" Did Jesus not there clarify that we are all equal to him as a, son/daughter of God ? Why did Jesus not say "I am an apostle of God ?" as you say "an agent or an ambassador" ? Why did Jesus not say you are "an agent or an ambassador" of God ? yet he clearly states Sons/Daughters of God we are.
    Jesus call his disciples "Ye are my friends if ye do the things which I command you. No longer do I call you servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends: for all things that I heard from my Father I have made Known unto you. Ye did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you, that ye should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should abide" (John 15:13-16)."
    This also then brings us to the next point, from when was Jesus the Son of God ? well it must be from day 1 not so ? Well so are we through Jesus's testimony the son and daughters of God from day 1, also perfect as he was-is. Jesus was just a way shower teaching us the true way, of being part of God from day 1. Hence the reason why he Jesus never performed any baptism, sealing or other rituals to make people a Son/Daughter of God, as he knew we are all a child of God as part of God from the beginning. Jesus also never started any form of religion around him, yet others that came after him did so, Saul of Tarsus especially as he did not really understand the true teachings of Jesus, if Saul understood that he was already the Son of God what would there be to follow or start.

  16. Apostel sigenu is my role model.

    1. Thank you very much beloved I am also enlightened .We must understand that Jesus Christ is the one who started this ministry,i will randomly try to cover the points you have raised.If we understand baptism we will understand that through the testimony one got baptized hence J.C testified his disciples,secondly he said to Peter upon this rock i will build my church,and he sealed them with the holy spirit of promise" Receive ye the holy ghost "John20:22.You become a child of God a rebirth process receiving the word of testimony Paul never started any form of religion but continue with the ministry of J.C that is why he said "you are no more strangers...Ephesians 2:19 1Cor 12:27-28 .We cannot say Paul did not understand the the teaching of J.C 1Tim 1 acts 8:15 .Thank you we will talk

    2. Saul is a outright imposter and NOT the 13th apostle as he only came 18 to 22 years after Jesus.
      1) Why did J.C not declare to his 12 disciples/friends that a unknown one will come to show the way years after J.C was gone ? "How can Paul be a 13th apostle when Revelation 21:14 says there are only twelve?" Why did Jesus keep his Apostles in the dark about Paul in Matthew 28? Why didn’t he tell them a new guy would be showing up making some changes in the plan?
      2) Paul claimed to have encountered Jesus in the desert on the road to Damascus. Jesus told me in Matthew 14:15 when someone claims to see him in the desert don’t believe him. Should I take the advice of Jesus?
      3) if Paul appeared in Jerusalem in Acts 9:26 after his conversion, then why does he tell the Galatians in 1:18 that he waited three years to go? Why does he assure us in v.20 he is not lying?
      4) Paul claims in Ephesians 3:3 to have knowledge of mysteries of God revealed only through him. Paul bears witness of himself even though Jesus says he himself could not in John 5:31. Is Paul superior to Jesus?
      5) Paul speaks in Ephesians 6:19 of making known a “mystery of the gospel.” Why wasn’t this mystery shared with the 12 apostles Jesus spent 3 ½ years training?
      6) If the “mysteries of ” God were revealed through a single man Paul as he claims in Colossians 1:23-26 and elsewhere, then what grounds do we have for rejecting Joseph Smith, Mohammed, the Pope and many others who claim exactly the same thing?
      7) Who has authorized Paul to give new commandments as he does in 1st Thessalonians 4:2?
      8) Paul commands in 3:6-7 that we obey the traditions he commands. Did Jesus ever tell us we should obey Paul?
      9) Why does Paul quote the Greek philosopher Philo in Titus 1:12? Does the Holy Spirit quote philosophers as resources?
      10) If Jesus says in Matthew 22:38 the law and the prophets hang on two great commandments, why does Paul OMIT the most important one saying in Galatians 5:14 the law is fulfilled in the second one only?

      Any case this is just a few questions they are not put here to convince any old apostolic to rethink their faith. It is just stated to show that are other knowledge other than the oac. True enlightenment comes from with in and not trough scriptures. I can truly say that the oac is like any other denomination there are no differences at all, at the core level as they keep you in duality telling you that you are a sinner in many ways, to keep you tithing your money to them. Most officers and members are really good people and has no clue of what they are standing for, until they wake up to the absolute truth with in.

      Love and Light Tebogo

    3. Tebogo you are so briht I was about to join the OAC now I'm confused after I rad all your comments

  17. Anonymous I know apostle Sigenu a very powerful servant of God indeed.

  18. uhm im kinda toegeslaan now by tebogo's intepretati0n of the whole thingie imma gona have to go and get water 4rm da well dat neva runs dry to get back to her but anyhow im a brother uhm brother emmanuel leonard in da colourd devision unda da apostelship of apostle smith, overseer stevens,elder williams in the eastern cape i say amen to all that u've said...u all seem lyk true servants of god...and to the beloved br or sr that said that he've neva heard of apostle smit well he is actualy my apostle

    1. There is no mention of Apostle Slara and he is my Apostle in the Eastern Cape.

  19. Good Evening Brother and Sister, I am also a sister in the church,I recently moved to Marlboro Gardens in Sandton and I would like to find out where is the nearest branch I could go to.

  20. My brother and sisters,
    be not be dismayed many false prophets has gone out into the world.Their confession testify which prophets is out of God.God in flesh and other confessions that is is the spirit of the antichrist.God spirit will lead you to God himself
    Your brother in Christ

  21. I am a proud sister at OAC