Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reconstructe history of the Twelve Apostles Church in Christ

Here is an account by the Twelve Apostles Church in Christ on their version of Christian History.  The strange thing is that none of the other Apostolic Churches agrees with this. 

Brief History of Twelve Apostles’ Church in Christ Although the church was officially registered in South Africa on the 9th September 1979, its existence can be traced back as during the formation of the Twelve Apostles’ Party by Jesus Christ. Jesus formed the Twelve Apostles Party after he left the Peace Party that was formed by Annanus, the Chief Priest and Seth. The Peace Party was a political party that fought corruption and stood for peace.

The contribution of Jesus earned him a title of a “Prince of Peace”. After this party took over as the Government of the day. Jesus together with Simon Peter left the party to form Twelve Apostles’ Party. The primary objective of the newly formed party was to end the spiritual corruption and purify all souls in preparation of the Holy place in Heaven. When the time came, our Lord Jesus Christ finally handed over the continuation of this difficult yet wonderful work to Apostle Peter to lead the group. This therefore meant that our Lord Jesus Christ appointed Apostle Peter as the Chief Apostle. In AD44, under the leadership of Apostle Peter, for the first time the church was known as Twelve Apostles’ Christian Church and every member of the church was called “Christian”. During the persecution of Christians all Apostles were killed, with the exception of Apostle John. There were some Apostles anointed by Christ through him. For security reasons, the names of these Apostles were kept in secret. This was to encounter the then ongoing massacre of the Apostles. The appointed Apostles were engaged with the underground spreading of the gospel until 1798 when the freedom of religion was announced. The Apostles thereafter, emerge as a powerful force under the banner of Twelve Apostles’ Catholic Church. The word Catholic in this content means, original or universal.   Apostles were commissioned to all four corners of the world. In1889 Apostle Carl George Klibbe was sent to South Africa to spread the gospel This was an extremely difficult task for him due to the time that led to place of worship for Whites being separated from Blacks. The political wave in the country led to the birth of Twelve Apostles’ Church in Christ. This was not through the wisdom of mankind, but through spiritual revelations that occurred in 1978. In response to the revelation the church was registered as such in September 1979 as a direct continuation of the mission of Jesus Christ.

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  1. ifeel that the information given here is correct bt for first timers this gap between Apostle peter and Apostle johan Klible can be confusing can u brothers try to elaborate clear as to connect every event up now,,,thank u yo brother in Christ.